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“Savagely Ironical Allegory”

15. ORWELL, George.

Animal Farm: A Fairy Story.

London, 1945. Slim

octavo, original green cloth, dust jacket.


First edition, first printing, of Orwell’s “savagely ironical allegory” (Clute

& Grant) on the gap between radical ideals and reality, his most famous

and widely read work. In 1945, Animal Farm came as a welcome cau-

tionary tale in nations that had been destroyed by authoritarian regimes;

it was considerably less welcome in the East where the Iron Curtain was

just beginning to fall.

While the CIA funded its distribution in various

forms worldwide, the Soviets banned it for its allegorical attack on their

leaders and values.

“Animal Farm,

which owes something to Swift and Defoe, is [Orwell’s]

masterpiece” (Connolly 93). Book fine, unrestored dust jacket about-

fine. Most rare in such lovely condition.

“All animals are equal,

but some animals are more

equal than others.”