April 2023 Catalogue

A p r i l 2 0 2 3 B a u m a n R a r e B o o k s 2 Signed And Inscribed By 14 Astronauts Including Twice By Buzz Aldrin 1. (APOLLO ASTRONAUTS) BEDINI, Silvio, VON BRAUN, Wernher, and WHIPPLE, Fred L. Moon: Man’s Greatest Adventure. New York, 1973. Folio, original silver-stamped blue cloth. $8500. First edition of this large, lavishly illustrated celebration of humankind’s journey to the moon, signed and inscribed by 14 Mercury, Apollo and Skylab astronauts: Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean, Scott Carpenter, Gene Cernan, Gordon Cooper, Walt Cunningham, Charles Duke, Fred Haise, Joe Kerwin, Jack Lousma, Edgar Mitchell, Rusty Schweickart, Thomas Stafford and Paul Weitz, and additionally inscribed by Aldrin on the color frontispiece that depicts him standing on the lunar surface. The Apollo project, which carried human beings to the moon and back, was “the greatest human adventure; the Odyssey of the millennium” (Burrows, 428-33). This impressive and abundantly illustrated volume commemorates the achievements of the manned space program, beginning with ancient dreams of reaching the stars to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s exploration of another world. Without original dust jacket. A fine copy, desirable signed by numerous notable space pioneers.