Our Staff

Eric Pedersen | Manager Eric Pedersen hails from the Midwest, where he studied 20th Century American History in college and 20th Century American Literature in graduate school. He began his bookselling life at Bauman Rare Books’ Las Vegas gallery in 2008 and currently works in the gallery in New York City. Other than Ben Franklin’s Autobiography (which he didn’t finish), he can’t remember the last book he read written before 1900. As those who know him are (sometimes painfully) aware, he does not need a reason to start talking about William Gaddis, Thomas Pynchon, Something Happened, Ernest Hemingway, Revolutionary Road, Cormac McCarthy, David Foster Wallace, or Kurt Vonnegut, and so on…

David Cunningham | Bookseller David holds Master Degrees in History and Library Science. After living overseas for a few years, he joined Bauman Books in 2001. Some of his favorite authors include Jorge Luis Borges, Leo Perutz, and Robert Aickman. When not in the gallery, he enjoys travelling and spending time with his family. He can be found most evenings reading books as diverse as the Decameron to Conan the Barbarian. He shares with Borges the hope that Paradise will be a kind of library - or more to the point, an enormous ramshackle used bookstore stuffed full of serendipitous discoveries.

Angel Webster | Bookseller Angel is a bookseller at the Madison Avenue gallery. She remembers receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University a long time ago and her Master of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College almost as long ago, but finds working with rare books more educational. She reads, writes, and gardens in Jersey City and she is always looking forward to a new favorite book. Recent favorites include Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and Oliver Sacks’ Hallucinations.

Chrissy Hunt | Bookseller Chrissy began working in the New York gallery in 2014 after completing a B. A. in History at the University of Virginia and an M.A. in Art History and Museum Studies at Tufts University. Although her studies focused on American art and visual culture, her literary interests run the gamut from travel narratives to crusty academic histories to modern novels. (If you have a book to recommend, she’ll add it to her list… and probably get to it by 2018.)

Erin Black | Bookseller Erin came to Bauman in 2012 after a stint in Venice where she researched early printed books at the Fondazione Cini on the island of San Giorgio. Prior to that, she received a master’s degree in the Intellectual and Cultural History of the Renaissance from the Warburg Institute in London. When she's not talking books at Madison, she may be found studying obscure topics in scientific illustration and philosophy in early print, tending to her herb and tea gardens, or kickboxing.

Andrew Langston | Bookseller Andrew joined Bauman Rare Books in the dawn of 2016. He previously studied philosophy at Williams College, and spent several years with the Chapin Library of Rare Books. Like Socrates, Andrew claims no expertise, but enjoys a wide range of military history, political philosophy, and modern fiction. Recent favorites include Alan Moorehead’s African Trilogy, James Baldwin’s Another Country, and Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God.

Allison MacIntosh | Bookseller A graduate of NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts, Allison holds a Master of Arts in Art history and Archeology. She specializes in Classical and Renaissance history and literature, but her interests are ever-changing. With an undergraduate degree in Classics from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, Allison has excavated ancient sites in the Middle East and studied extensively in Italy. She traces her love of literature to the escapades of Nancy Drew, but she grew to revere the authors and historians of antiquity, and to adore the witty and romantic novels of Jane Austen. Since joining Bauman Rare Books in the fall of 2016, Allison is committed to learning everything left in-between.