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Selling Something?

If you have rare books to sell, we ask that you provide us with a list of your books. Because we need certain basic information to help us determine whether your items are of interest to us, please be sure that your list includes all of the information in the checklist below. Once you have reviewed this information, please compile and send us a detailed list of your books by email, fax or US mail. Upon receipt of your list, a member of our staff will contact you within about a week. In some cases, we may request additional information or we might want to make arrangements to view your items.

Please note that we do not offer estimates of a book’s value or appraisals.

If you have more than twenty books to sell, please make a list of what you judge to be the ten most valuable titles in your collection. After reviewing this preliminary list, we may ask you for more information about the rest of your collection.

Please also keep in mind that we do not purchase all of the books offered to us. Many books are neither rare nor first editions, are in poor condition, incomplete, or are not representative of our stock. If you would like to get a sense of the types of books we sell, we welcome you to browse our website.

 Information Checklist

  • Author 
  • Title
  • City of publication (London, Boston, New York, etc.) 
  • Name of publisher. 
  • Year(s) of publication. Please be sure to include all years listed on the copyright page. 
  • Binding description – Is the binding leather or cloth? Does the book have a dust jacket? If it does, what is the condition of the dust jacket? 
  • Is the book signed or inscribed by the author? 
  • Please note any major flaws or defects to the binding or text. 
  • If it is a set of books, how many volumes does it have? Are any volumes missing?
Please do not ship books to us or bring them into our galleries unless you have been asked to do so by our staff. If you have books to sell, we prefer that you send your list to our main office by one of the following methods:

Fax: 215-546-9064
Email: [email protected]
Mail: Bauman Rare Books, 
1608 Walnut Street, 19th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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