July 2022 Catalogue

Black Americana and Abolition – 43 – Bauman Rare Books - July 2022 “A One-Man Civil Disobedience Movement” 72. HOUSER, George and RUSTIN, Bayard. We Challenged Jim Crow! A Report on the Journey of Reconciliation April 9-23, 1947. Newark, 1947. Slim octavo, staple-bound as issued, original tan paper wrappers. $1800. First edition of Rustin and Houser’s bold report on their 1947 “Journey of Reconciliation,” in effect the first Freedom Ride against Jim Crow segregation. By the time the 1946 Supreme Court Morgan decision declared segregation of passengers on interstate train and bus travel unconstitutional, Rustin was already “a one-man civil disobedience movement… no one who knew him well was surprised when he, along with George Houser, came up with the provocative idea of an interracial bus ride through the South” (Arsenault, 28). The two men organized what they called a “Journey of Reconciliation”— trips by interracial volunteers across four states. To his biographer, “Rustin was as responsible as anyone else for the insinuation of nonviolence into the very heart of what became the most powerful social movement in 20th-century America” (D’Emilio). Published by the Fellowship of Reconciliation and CORE (Congress of Racial Equality). Small owner signature above front wrapper. A fine copy. Twice Signed By Bobby Seale 73. SEALE, Bobby and SHAMES, Stephen. Power to the People. The World of the Black Panthers. New York, 2016. Large quarto, original yellow photographic boards, dust jacket. $1800. First edition of a timely chronicle of early years of the Black Panther Party, twice signed by Bobby Seale. “InOctober 1966, HueyP. NewtonandBobby Seale founded theBlackPanther Party for Self-Defense and drafted the Ten Point Platform and Program… their rallying cry was and is, ‘All power to the people’” (Smithsonian). Seale and white photographer Stephen Shames met in 1967, and for nearly a decade Shames chronicled the Panthers. Power to the People, with Seale’s powerful narrative and numerous photographic illustrations by Shames, is “poignant and vivid… a visual and verbal portrait of the Black Panther Party” (Publishers Weekly). Contains nearly 200 black-and-white and 40 color photographic illustrations, many fullpage. Fine condition.