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Postcard - Signed

Robert Rauschenberg


RAUSCHENBERG, Robert. Postcard signed. Lausanne: Musée de l’Elysée, News Productions, no date. Original black-and-white pictorial postcard, measuring 6 by 4 inches. $700.

Original postcard featuring one of Dennis Hopper’s photographs of Rauschenberg, boldly signed by Rauschenberg across the top of the image.

“One of America’s great modern artists,” Robert Rauschenberg is best known for rejecting the Abstract Expressionism school and embracing a distinctive experimental style often called Neo-Dada (Metropolitan Museum of Art). Dennis Hopper, who captured the photograph of Rauschenberg featured on the front of the postcard, was a painter and photographer before he found success on screen. During the 1960s, he captured hundreds of photographs of East Coast artists who would later become part of the famed L.A. Art Movement, among them Robert Rauschenberg. Hopper and Rauschenberg have remained close friends since that time; in fact, Hopper, considered one of the top modern art collectors in the world, narrated the Rauschenberg installment of PBS’ American Masters series. Thus, Rauschenberg’s signing of this particular postcard greatly increases the interest and desirability of the item.

Slightest smudging to signature. Fine condition.

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