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Joyce Baronio: 42nd Street Studio

Joyce Baronio


BARONIO, Joyce. Joyce Baronio: 42nd Street Studio. New York: Pyxidium Press, (1980). Tall, slim folio, original laminated gray photographic boards, original dust jacket. $150.

First edition of 40 Baronio photographs of “erotic” models, signed by Baronio on the title page in the year of publication.

“We are reminded by these photographs that although erotic attitudes and sexual appetites are shaped by social conventions, inflected by the taboos of the community, in our encounters with sex… we are all ultimately alone” (Linda Nochlin). “This is a collection of erotic photographs of strippers and other sex entertainers, but in no way is it pornographic or even sexy in the ordinary sense. For in Joyce Baronio’s pictures the subjects are giving birth to their own fantasies, not ours, and the camera is not a voyeur but a midwife” (Edmund White).

Fine condition.

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