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Poster: Work on a farm... this Summer

World war ii


(WORLD WAR II). Poster: Work on a farm… this Summer. [Washington]: Government Printing Office, 1943. Chromolithographic poster, measuring 16 by 22-1/2 inches, matted and framed, entire piece measures 21-1/2 by 28 inches. $2200.

Lovely original World War II poster depicting two farmers, a man holding a fork hoe and a woman holding a basket of vegetables, looking out at the viewer to promote joining the U.S. Crop Corps.

This original 1943 poster was intended to solicit applicants for the U.S. Crop Corps, the American counterpart to Britain's Land Army. With a vast number of farmers fighting abroad (over two million men by July 1942), crops were withering in the fields. Yet, America's agricultural needs had only increased as the country attempted to supply food to people at home, people fighting, and even allies overseas. The U.S Crop Corps was created to fill the gap. Urban women and teenagers thus became the core of America's agricultural system. The government initially struggled to glamorize farm work, but soon found its footing with wholesome posters such as this. Hollywood also provided important support by making a blockbuster movie about a 14-year-old who finds fun and purpose in the Corps. The reality of work in the Crop Corps was somewhat different. It was hard work that often came with a difficult living situation and pay that was docked to pay for it. However, many found the work fulfilling and relished the sense that they were helping to win the war. In the end, America produced record crop yields—a feat that would never have been achieved without the Crop Corps. OWI Poster No. 59.

Faint original folding creases, partial hole punches along bottom and top marginal edges. Near-fine condition.

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