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Hand-colored lithograph ["The Entry of Shah Soojah into Cabool"]

T. Weld


WELD, T., after WINGATE, Thomas. Hand-colored lithograph ["The Entry of Shah Soojah into Cabool"]. England, 1842. Lithograph, measuring 17 by 11 inches; matted and framed, entire piece measures 24-1/2 by 19-1/2 inches. $1200.

Beautiful hand-colored lithograph of "The Entry of Shah Soojah into Cabool" by T. Weld after an illustration of Col. Thomas Wingate that appeared in his 1839 book chronicling the Ghuznee campaign of the Anglo-Afghan War, handsomely framed.

This intricately hand-colored lithograph is after Col. Thomas Wingate's The Storming of Ghuznee and Kelat, 1839, which was based on Wingate's own service in Afghanistan with the 2nd Queen's Royal Regiment. "During the 19th century the British were sporadically engaged in conflicts with Afghan leaders due to British fear of Russian encroachment on their Indian colony and internal divisions within Afghanistan. Shah Shuja-ul-Mulk was the Amir of Afghanistan from 1802 until 1809 when he was driven out by Mahmud Shah. The Governor-General of India Lord Auckland attempted to restore Shah Shuja in 1839 against the wishes of the Afghan people. This policy led to the disastrous first Anglo-Afghan War (1839-42). After the retreat of British troops from Kabul Shah Shuja shut himself up in his fortress, the Bala Hissar. He left this refuge and was killed by adherents of Dost Muhammad and his son Akbar Khan on 5th April 1842" (British Library). From the collection of the late Frederick Hagar.

Fine condition.

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