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Poster: Walk Short Distances

World war ii


(WORLD WAR II). Poster: Walk Short Distances. London: H.M. Stationery Office, circa 1940. Original two-color broadside poster, measuring 20 by 6 inches, closely framed. $950.

Original World War II poster depicting a pony wearing a shoe like a horse blanket, accompanied by the words: "Go by Shanks' Pony. Walk Short Distances and leave room for those who have longer journeys."

This original 1940s poster encourages the wartime public to "go by shank's pony" (Scottish slang), or by foot. During the war, Britain struggled with fuel rationing and public transport overcrowding. The common-sense encouragement to walk short distances left more fuel for the troops and more seats on transport for factory and other essential workers. The illustration is by the respected graphic arts partnership of Jan Le Witt and George Him. Deaccessioned from the Valentine Museum, Richmond, Virginia.

Faintest fold line. Fine condition.

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