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Poster: A Message from Her Majesty the Queen

World war ii


(WORLD WAR II). Poster: A Message from Her Majesty the Queen to the Nurses of Britain. London: H.M. Stationery Office, circa 1941. Original four-color broadside poster, measuring 9 by 14 inches, closely framed. $1850.

Original World War II poster depicting a young Queen Elizabeth in formal attire, accompanied by: "A Message from Her Majesty the Queen to the Nurses of Britain," offering gratitude and encouragement.

This original 1940s poster includes a bust-length portrait of Queen Elizabeth in a tiara, full jewelry, and a ruffled and sequined evening gown. The poster offers a message from Queen Elizabeth that reads: "My thoughts go out to the women who, in this third year of the War, are serving the cause of humanity in every branch of the Nursing Profession. May you be granted strength and courage to carry on your selfless labours and may you find your regard in the gratitude of those to whom you minister." Nursing was one of the most important professions of the war and British nurses served in every overseas campaign of the war as well as domestically. Due to new financial incentives, thousands of British women began their careers in nursing during World War II.

About-fine condition.

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