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Photographic portrait - Signed

Supreme court


(SUPREME COURT) WARREN, Earl. Photographic portrait signed. Washington: Ackad, circa 1960. Black-and-white photographic print, measuring 16-1/2 by 12 inches. $3800.

Large photographic portrait of the "Warren Court" after Potter Stewart's appointment in 1958, signed by all nine justices in the margin, including Black, Frankfurter, and Warren.

"Among chief justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, Warren ranks as the most dominant and influential after John Marshall… [H]e had a consistent, powerful vision of constitutional law and the astuteness to prevail on the other members of the Court to follow his lead. In his advocacy of the inviolable nature of fundamental rights, Warren in effect defined the differences between liberal and conservative interpreters of the Constitution, and for strict constructionists—or at least those who see themselves as such—his philosophy of American law remains anathema… More than most leading American figures of his time, he left an indelible stamp" (ANB). In addition to Chief Justice Warren (who served in that capacity from 1953 until his retirement in 1969), the portrait also shows Associate Justices Hugo Black, Charles Evans Whittaker, Felix Frankfurter, William O. Douglas, John Marshall Harlan II, Potter Stewart, Tom C. Clark, and William J. Brennan. The portrait is signed by all of the justices in the margin below the image.

A handsome signed portrait.

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