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Motherhood in Bondage

Margaret Sanger


SANGER, Margaret. Motherhood in Bondage. New York: Brentano's, 1928. Octavo, original gray cloth, original dust jacket. $600.

First edition, so-called "Author's Edition," of Sanger's fifth book, number 422 of 500 copies printed for presentation.

Margaret Sanger began her work as an advocate for legal and accessible birth control, a term she first coined, "as a radical iconoclast, challenging old sexual values; she ended her career, heavy with honors, as the respected champion of new ones. Her life spanned a period of striking changes in American attitudes about the family, the role of woman, and sexual standards. All of those changes she helped to catalyze" (DAB). She founded and served as president of the American Birth Control League, organized the first World Population Conference in Geneva, and was the first president of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Motherhood in Bondage is a collection of first-hand accounts of women whose young pregnancies and many births have prompted them to seek Sanger's aid in obtaining contraception. This book was published partially in response to critics who claimed that Sanger was only advocating for the middle class. Here, Sanger focuses primarily on the disadvantaged. This limited first edition was published the same year as the first trade edition; it was intended for presentation, presumably by the author. Without original dust jacket.

About-fine condition.

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