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Principles of Mathematics. Vol. I

Bertrand Russell


RUSSELL, Bertrand. The Principles of Mathematics. Vol. I. Cambridge: University Press, 1903. Octavo, original navy cloth, uncut. $6500.

First edition of the important first volume (and the only volume published) of Russell's groundbreaking philosophical treatise on mathematics and logic, the foundation for Russell and Whitehead's monumental Principia Mathematica.

This work sets forth Russell's theory that mathematics and logic are fundamentally identical. Here, Russell introduces logicism and introduces what is now known as "Russell's Paradox." The book is also important as the forerunner of Russell and Whitehead's crucially important Principia Mathematica. The work was essential in influencing the growth and development of logical thought and mathematical theory at a time when the two were just beginning to be studied together and as part of the very same discipline. In this work, Russell attempts to achieve two main objectives. First, he attempts to prove that mathematics can be dealt with in terms of a small number of logical concepts and that, in fact, all mathematical propositions can be deduced using logical principles. He also aims to explain "the fundamental concepts which mathematics accepts as indefinable." This work was supposed to be followed by a second volume that would explain, entirely in symbolic terms, the relationship of logic to mathematics. However, after finding out that his mentor, Alfred Whitehead, planned to published a similar work, Russell approached Whitehead about a collaboration. The result was Principia Mathematica, published between 1910 and 1913. Bookplate. Owner signature of Daniel J. Bronstein, possibly the editor of several books on philosophy.

Interior generally quite nice, slightest bubbling to cloth and minor rubbing to extremities. A handsome near-fine copy.

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