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Document - Signed [Ship's Papers]

Ulysses S. Grant


GRANT, Ulysses S. Document Signed [Ship's Papers]. New Bedford, MA: September 26, 1871. Broadside (22 by 17 inches), printed, engrossed and signed on the recto. $4500.

Ship’s papers granting permission to Charles S. Holt, commander of the ship "Hunter," to depart from the port of New Bedford “laden with Provisions, and stores for a whaling voyage” to the Pacific Ocean. President Grant and Secretary of State Hamilton Fish have both boldly signed this document. With the fragile affixed paper seal of the United States present.

Because ships leaving U.S. ports needed ship identification papers before a voyage, documents such as this one were signed by the President and Secretary of State ahead of time and forwarded to the port. The Collector of the Port would then fill in the required information and the date. This document was signed in Washington, DC prior to the September 26, 1871 departure date, but was issued from New Bedford on that date. Document printed in four columns on the recto of this folio leaf, completed in manuscript, with text in English, French, Spanish and Dutch. It contains oaths that the named ship is owned by United States citizens, and bears the official paper seal of the United States, and is also countersigned by James Allen, Collector of Customs for the port of New Bedford, and notarized by James Taylor.

Some minor expert paper repairs and restorations, chiefly to the verso, and not affecting any signatures. Grant's and Fish's signatures clear and bold. An excellent and scarce signed document.

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