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Collected Essays on Economic Theory

John R. Hicks


HICKS, John R. Collected Essays on Economic Theory. Wealth and Welfare. WITH: Money, Interest and Wages. WITH: Classics and Moderns. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University, (1981). Octavo, original blue, green, and red cloth and paper boards, original dust jacket. $1500.

First edition of this collection of essays on money and growth, including two previously unpublished essays.

This three-volume series comprises Hicks' most important theoretical papers. It covers topics such as price and income; welfare economics; monetary theory; the differences between Hicks and Keynes; Hicks' views on earlier economists; mathematical economics; and trade. "One of the most important and influential economists of the 20th century, the trail of the eternally eclectic John Hicks is found all over economic theory… The quintessential 'economist's economist,' Hicks cannot be said to have founded a 'school… If any, his school was 'economics… Hicks' scholarly output is a perfect demonstration of how economics should be done: without partisanship for pet theories, without ideological quibbling, his own strictest critic, learning from all and everywhere, constantly searching for new ideas and staying glued to none… No economist, before or since Hicks, has achieved such 'Olympian' scholarship" (Fonseca). "Hicks will probably appear in the history of economics as the greatest British theorist of the century" (Niehans, 371). Hicks was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics in 1972. The essays in these volumes were previously published in a variety of journals and books.

Fine condition.

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