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Blood and Thunder: Collecting the Wild West

Americans love a dustup.   But it’s not until the smoke clears that we realize what we’ve done and how much our civilization has changed.   The Wild West lasted… Read More

Miniseries, The Unexpected

Guilty Pleasures in Book Collecting

Most book collectors begin without much knowledge of the others. The person who collects bibles stands right next to the person who collects Witchcraft and no dark vortex forms between… Read More

Miniseries, The Unexpected

COLLECTING IN 3D: Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Images

The Stereoscope, first invented in the 1830s, allows the illusion of two very slightly different images to appear as one. Producing Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Images was good business, and quite… Read More

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Made to Measure: Rare and Collectable Swatch Books

Like great beauty, some of our books excel in that touch of the unexpected. These are books that shroud themselves in mystery by the very nature of their unrevealing bindings,… Read More